Monday, August 22, 2011

Painting Workshop with Barbara Berry

I had a great time this weekend taking an acrylics painting worshop from Barbara Berry at Donterra Gallery in Sisters, OR.  I learned some basics I needed to know to go to the next step.  We did practice pieces so I won't post anything from the class this time but maybe as I learn to use the concepts better I will show you some of the pieces I have done. 

I did more painting with paper (collages) this weekend.  I did another ocean & sunset scene.  I loved the way the papers came together to create  something beautiful but was SOOO disappointed that as the project  began to dry the papers seemed to stretch with the matte gel I used so the papers puckered.  If anyone out there knows of something I should be doing or a  different glueing paste or gel let me know.

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