Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tasetful and Bold!

Here are a few fun photos I have collected for what I call Tasteful Bold Color.  I have seen some really ugly bold color schemes in rooms. Colors need to be simple combinations and not fight with each other.   You don't want a room that screams at you.  I think these ideas are tasteful. These are very bright but they are simple and in most cases it is one or two pieces that creates the drama.  Much of it is only paint so take a look and see if you might be bold in one of your rooms this year.

If the room on the left is just too much for yourtaste try adding just one item like this a cute little ottoman with dressmaker details for a little punch.

Add a statement chair and a high contrast pillow for a simple piece of drama to a room. The painted stripe side table adds just enough color to make it very interesting. This could be a do-it-yourself project using bright lacquer paint and painters tape to keep your paint lines straight.

On the right is another version of the darling little ottoman.  What a statement that would make in a girls bedroom. Teens and little ones alike would appreciate this cutie.  The room on the left creates its bold look with two contrasting colors (aqua and various shades of pink). They kept neutral walls and main furniture The bulletin board with it's tasteful bold color as well as the 2 book shelves are what carry the room.  By grouping the  accessories into  a variety of shades of the same color  you avoid the screaming effect you might have if too many colors were used.
How about ONE wild chair.  Notice how color changes a traditional wing back to a contemporary statement piece.

For more bold color ideas click on the right side column on Bold colors.  You will be directed to an idea book I put together for fun Bold Color rooms.  Remember, NOT TOO MUCH, and paint is easy to change when you tire of the combination you have selected.

We offer color consultations as part of our full service design. Give us a call.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Suzanne Marie's Interiors: Treat Yourself to Beautiful Custom Bedding

Suzanne Marie's Interiors: Treat Yourself to Beautiful Custom Bedding

Treat Yourself to Beautiful Custom Bedding

There is no end to the beautiful bedding styles & designs you can have when you do custom or semi-custom.

Custom pillows, duvets, comforters, full spreads, dust skirts.

Any combination of fabrics, buttons, trims.

 dust skirts

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Custom  Dressmaker Details

 Mix & match your fabrics.
Sized to fit your bed.  

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Mexican Architecture

As you may know, I love Mexican architecture.  I plan to have a home in MX so I have been collecting great ideas.  I thought I would share a few.

This is the gate to my lot in Baja.  I can't wait to use some of my ideas for my Abuela casa.

This is call a Kiva.  It is just the right size for the few cool nights that a little extra heat could be used.  And how cute it is!  I like the style of the one below too. Would make a nice sitting area.


Isn't this a fabulous arched courtyard
gate.It is tile mosaic and is at the Jill Logan Galerira in Todos Santos Mexico. She has really great art there too.

I am not wild about the fountain but I really like the colorful tile floor.

I love the outdoor stairway to the roof.  I would like to have a roof top art studio.

I really like the out side detail of the lattilla awning and the wood vegas.

 I like the ceiling detail with the vegas and the wood insets (I forgot what they are called).  If you know let me know too.

I really like the color of this exterior.

  Isn't this beautiful.
 Ceiling detail in kitchen of home my son is currently building. The top of the brick dome has little windows that let it light. (not seen in photo)
 Exterior wall surrounding whole home.
 Outdoor pizza oven.  Cooks great chicken too.!
 Interior of pallapa roof system in home my son is currently building.  Water tight.
Project under construction still.  Note all the molding detail around the round window & arch entry.  Curved bar is waiting for a wood counter & all the cabs.

Do you need a builder in the Baja?

My son lives in Pescadaro (8 miles south of Todos Santos and about 45 min north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific side.) He is a master craftsman and builds everything from Cabs to fine furniture. He builds homes in MX and will be building mine for me when I get to do it.  If you need a home built or cabinets or custom finish work you can contact me & I will get you connected with him and his crew..  He has a full shop and is able to take on most any size job.

Lots of Changes.