Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Water color & gauche

Here are a few of my water color projects.  I have been watching tutorials online so I am looking forward to trying new techniques.  Two of these were painted entirely with a credit card. ( a unique new use for my card).  I also used a cut out piece of craft paper as  a stencil to lay on color in shapes.  You will see this papers final resting place on my collage called "Ruins".

Starry night over the Sea
This next one was done for my grandaughters who love these colors. I love swirls & stars so it was a fun one to do.  Water colors & acrylics were used.

Here is a close up of the sea with it's hidden inspirational words.

More art projects

I have been doing new painting projects as I experiment & learn how to use the different mediums.  I just tried mixed media collages on canvas.  Probably not my best work. LOL but it was fun.  These both have a lot of texture.  I call this one "Ruins"

Here is a close up of the piece. I have used the cut paper that is collaged on, first as the stencil for building up texture with molding paste.  That same paper was used in my water color abstract paintings too.  It was all used up so I decided it should rest in peace on my collage.

The next one is called "Time"  It has many cut outs from magazines and cut out words. They were collaged onto a partial back painting of acrylics & molding paste build ups & lots of layers of paint.

If you look closely you will see the molding paste build ups are created from the same stencil paper that is on "Ruins".  I got my moneys worth on that bit of paper.  I found it in the scrap booking section of the craft store.  I think I will look for more of these types of papers.  They are very usefull.

Here is a close up of "Time"  You will see the words hidden under layers of paint & glaze as well as scraps of floral designs & a butterfly.

Lots of Changes.