Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Fair in Bend OR/floating the Deschutes river in Sunriver

Had a great time at the art fair at the Old Mill District in Bend OR this weekend.  Lots of great artists and a really nice variety of art.  It was pretty hot on Friday but we were able to take a break at patio restaurant and go back after we cooled off.  Nice venue. Will do it again next year.

Next day we went floating on the Deschutes in the Sunriver area and bit off more than we expected.  Got a later start than we had wanted to due to a faulty Google map.(or maybe we were faulty map readers). Once we finally found a place to get in it took a lot longer to get down the river in our little foatilla than we expected and by the time we got down to the Sunriver take out (it was still  about a mile to where we expected to take out) it was raining and thundering and the wind was blowing us backwards.  Thank goodness there were some late rafters who had cars that offered us a ride to the Sunriver Market where we were able to call our ride.  Had they not been there we would have been up a creek.  (didn't really know where we were) and were way too tired to have hiked out to the road. Thanks to the rafters who helped us.  We know better now what to expect in regard to timing and take outs etc.  We thought we had prepared well by info we got of the internet.  Just didn't know how the reality of long it would take vs. what we had read on the internet.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Out of the Ordinary Refrigerators

If you want an unusual look for your kitchen you might want to check out some of the Sub Zero refrigerators. There are a lot of great configurations, and options including a glass front fridge (if you keep your stuff neater than I do).  There are drawers, wine coolers, side by sides, side by sides with bottom drawers, stainless finishes, and kits so you can put wood fronts on to match your cabinetry.

You might even want to do some unusual inserts like chalk board panels, a hand painted masterpiece or colored panels. There is no end to the ideas and possibilities.
Below are some hand painted panel ideas and some very interesting wood designs that could certainly fool the eye into thinking they were a beautiful cabinet..

I didn't say ALL hand painted ideas were good but this might be fun in a dorm.

If you want some help with a truly memorable & functional kitchen remodel I offer kitchen design and redesign services.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Painting Workshop with Barbara Berry

I had a great time this weekend taking an acrylics painting worshop from Barbara Berry at Donterra Gallery in Sisters, OR.  I learned some basics I needed to know to go to the next step.  We did practice pieces so I won't post anything from the class this time but maybe as I learn to use the concepts better I will show you some of the pieces I have done. 

I did more painting with paper (collages) this weekend.  I did another ocean & sunset scene.  I loved the way the papers came together to create  something beautiful but was SOOO disappointed that as the project  began to dry the papers seemed to stretch with the matte gel I used so the papers puckered.  If anyone out there knows of something I should be doing or a  different glueing paste or gel let me know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Large View Window Drapery Ideas

Simple side panel drapes are great for large view windows. Large rooms and large windows usually need some dressing up without detracting from a beautiful view.  Sheer linens and cottons are suitable fabrics for this kind of treatment.  I have also used a variety of linen look-alikes in polyester that avoid the fading and wrinkling associated with linen.  Many of these come in 118" widths that are perfect for oversize seameless side panels.

For a truly custom drapery, I usually add dressmaker details such as pleats, decorative ties, pleats or smocking at the top, buttons, bands and side band details.  This dresses up what could be a very dull treatment.

Interesting rods will also add such interest to the treatment. Custom iron rods, wood poles and rings, swing arm rods and decorative wood, fabric or iron cornices also add interest to a custom window treatment.

The rod in the picture above is a custom iron arrow with an iron arrow tieback to hold the panels back.  The rods fit into the western indian decor.  Note the flip top detail. This little detail takes what could be a blah panel into something special.

 I am a Window Fashion Certified Professional/Master  with many years of experience in design for all types of window treatments, I can bring samples to your home. I provide professional measuring, design and installation for a perfect fit.

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