Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Fair in Bend OR/floating the Deschutes river in Sunriver

Had a great time at the art fair at the Old Mill District in Bend OR this weekend.  Lots of great artists and a really nice variety of art.  It was pretty hot on Friday but we were able to take a break at patio restaurant and go back after we cooled off.  Nice venue. Will do it again next year.

Next day we went floating on the Deschutes in the Sunriver area and bit off more than we expected.  Got a later start than we had wanted to due to a faulty Google map.(or maybe we were faulty map readers). Once we finally found a place to get in it took a lot longer to get down the river in our little foatilla than we expected and by the time we got down to the Sunriver take out (it was still  about a mile to where we expected to take out) it was raining and thundering and the wind was blowing us backwards.  Thank goodness there were some late rafters who had cars that offered us a ride to the Sunriver Market where we were able to call our ride.  Had they not been there we would have been up a creek.  (didn't really know where we were) and were way too tired to have hiked out to the road. Thanks to the rafters who helped us.  We know better now what to expect in regard to timing and take outs etc.  We thought we had prepared well by info we got of the internet.  Just didn't know how the reality of long it would take vs. what we had read on the internet.

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