Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hartman and Forbes Kotta Weave Collection

I absolutly LOVE the Kotta Weave Collection from Hartman and Forbes. 
 It makes into such beautiful roman shades.
This is what custom window coverings are all about.

Here is what Hartman and Forbes has to say about this fabric collecton.
"During a peaceful and prosperous time in Japan, the miyabi concept of refinement, elegance, awareness and simplicity was born. This uniquely Japanese ideal inspired the elegant KottaWeave Collection.

Using hand weaving techniques established over 1,200 years ago, our artisans gracefully blend past and present with tactile elements in a backdrop of refinement. Jute, a naturally thick and strong fiber, makes up the foundation. It’s spun into yarn and handwoven into a light and airy textile-like weave. The interwoven natural filaments, such as river reeds and leather, give these select weaves depth and texture."

KottaWeave Collection now has 4 new highly refined weaves.
Highlighting this update, KW106s Midnight Sun and KW107s Noonday Sun feature metallic threads interwoven into the foundation of fine spun jute providing a natural, yet subtle shimmer.

Did you know that Hartman and Forbes is a local company? 
They are located in Tualatin, OR.

The hand weaving techniques used to make our shades and draperies have been handed down for generations. It’s a craft that may otherwise be lost without a commercial purpose. Taking three days or more to laboriously weave one roll of material may seem absurd to some, but to us, using the energy of the human hand captures the spirit of craftsmanship, rather than exhausting our planet’s limited resources.

After we receive the woven materials at our Pacific Northwest finishing facility, they are cut, sewn and assembled by hand into an assortment of natural window coverings. And creating something by hand intrinsically uses less energy and adds more value than making it by machine.
You sure can't get this at your local box store!

I invite you to make an appointment to see this lovely collection in your own home or office. Suzanne Denning

You can see a drapery display of Hartman and Forbes silk & grass fabrics at The Design Center Redmond, OR

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Pantone Color Turquoise Fabulous Fabrics & Trims From Fabricut

I went on a search for fabrics in turquoise. These are all from one of my favorite suppliers, FABRICUT. There is a nice variety of prints and solids, formal and informal, heavy duty and light duty.  All of these are currently available to purchase through my studio. 

Whether you want to commit to the color wholeheartedly or you would like to add it as an accent, there are such a nice variety of choices. 

I can see beautiful pillows trimmed in beads or a custom throw with bullion fringe. Perhaps a little side chair or some valances. Maybe something funky for a dorm room. What would you use these fabrics and trims for?

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