Monday, October 18, 2010

Johnny Grey kitchen Island Design

I always love the  innovative designs from Johnny Grey, kitchen designer from England.  Here is a great example of something I just found on his web site.  This idea could easily be incorporated into a variety of styles. Finding your inspiration piece of wood (or other material) can set the tone for the whole kitchen or home design.
Notes from this post on Johnny Greys blog

Five Easy Pieces: The Cooking Island

Posted by charlotte on September 28th, 2010

When we found this piece of burr oak, it was clear that this should be the key feature for our evolved take on a cooking island. Our vision for the piece began as a series of wonky-edge planks with gaps as cladding. Imagine looking across a field at night and seeing an old barn with gaps between the boards and light peeping through. The mystery of what lies behind and the darkness all around provides a comforting feeling as well as a desire to know more. We tried to capture that quality in this design.
The glass panels behind the burr panels are hand-cast, which blurs the impact of the concealed LED lights and creates a texture like captured water. The natural concrete is the same composition as that used in garden sculpture and incorporates the colour variations and natural imperfections found in the mix.

Lots of Changes.