Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabulous Display Draperies for Sale at a Great Discount

I have recently removed the beautiful drapery displays that I put into the Design Center in Redmond OR.  The tenants decided not to continue with the center so these beautiful drapes are to be sold at  bargain, prices if you can use them. They had not even hung there for 2 months so they are brand newand ready to be enjoyed at a fraction of the regular cost.

This lovely drapery is a two layer treatment with double custom iron rods, & tiebacks.  The top panels are chenille with cartridge pleats & silk, embroidered front banding and buttons.  These panels are lined and interlined for a fabulously heavy side panel system.The under panels are silky plaid taffeta and are attached to a 2nd rod with clip on iron rings.  The rods are able to be cut down or expanded as required.  Shown with this drapery is a Tableaux fauxiron window panel.  Most likely it will not fit your window but the treatment does not require it. For that reason I have not included it into the price of the drapery.  I could also special order a faux iron panel for your window in the exacts size you need. if you want to have the completed look.
80" wide iron rods (can be cut down or added to)
Finished length of drapre is  107". Can be shortened as needed.
2 width panels are stationary side panels & do not pull across the full width of the rod..

The fauxiron panel is 36 across and 80" long. (special orders available) Not included in price of drape.
Check with me by email for pricing
We can get these installed for you.

Who do you know that might like these drapes at a truly bargain price.?
Pass this on for me please if you can think of anyone who can use them. 
I can't bear to think they would end up in storage. 

I have another Hartman and Forbes drapery .
Pictures do not do it justice.. The lighting was not good.  You need to see these in person to appreciate the fine quality woven grass cloth  & silkthat the side panels were made from.
The roman shade is also silk.  The rods are custom iron rods & rings.

The roman shade is 36" wide and 59.5"  long
The iron rod can be cut down or added to . It is 104" wide  across and the side panels are 89" long. The rod can be shortened and the panels be pushed together more if required.  A custom sized roman shade can be reordered for an extra cost.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why Am I Having Trouble Recreating a Color From a Magazine?

The following is a question from a client. Here is the simple answer.

Q: I am trying to decide on a paint color. I found a picture of a room I really liked but I have had 4 different paint samples put on my wall. Why am I having such a hard time recreating this color in my room?

A: It all comes down to light. There is a scientific explanation on how we perceive color but to make things simple let’s just go with the fact that color is more than just a film of paint on a wall.. It is actually a series of complex interactions between light, air and surface that culminates in our impression of red, yellow or blue. The path of light starts with the sun and is made visible to us when light waves hit the atmosphere that surrounds the earth. Different hemispheric regions receive different degrees of light that produce different nuances of color. The light also changes according to the time of year. In the tropics, water vapor combines with salt particles in the air to scatter and diffuse the light. In bright light we see warm colors more easily. A vivid color that looked great in the clear strong light of Santa Fe might seem garish in Manhattan. A pale color that looked fabulous in Charleston might fall flat in Seattle. .

Trying to duplicate a color  with different lighting and especially from a one dimensional photo will not usually end very successfully. A better way to find a perfect color for your room is to understand that light is the essence of color. What kind of light do you have? Sometimes all you need to do is look out the window to figure out what colors flourish in your specific light. Take a cue from nature. Then, in every room you will suddenly be able to see the light and color choices will come much easier.

If you are wanting some help to create a great color pallet for your home you can call me for a one hour paint consultaton.  I will help you to determine what colors will look best in your space.

A specific set of colors with the lighting of the Pacific Northwest in mind can be found  from Devine Paint.  You can find these colors, samples & paint through Miller Paint Stores in Salem, & Portland as well as other locations around the state . 

Different areas of the world reflect light differently. Takes clues from nature as you look at the type of lighting you live in.

Bright clear light found in the deserts & areas close to the equator can handle the bright vivid colors of this mexican influeneced color pallet.

Softer light is found in areas of the Pacific Northwest.  Cloudy or rainey days bring less light so more muted colors look great in this kind of light. 

Clear coastal lighting in the more sunny states gives a nice crisp light. Clear colors look great in this type of light.

Lovely wood tones, & earthy fall or natural colors look beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

For a much more in-depth study of color & light you may want to read a great book by Donald Kaufman & Taffy Dahl "Color and Light Luminous Atmospheres for Painted Rooms."

Lots of Changes.