Thursday, August 25, 2011

Out of the Ordinary Refrigerators

If you want an unusual look for your kitchen you might want to check out some of the Sub Zero refrigerators. There are a lot of great configurations, and options including a glass front fridge (if you keep your stuff neater than I do).  There are drawers, wine coolers, side by sides, side by sides with bottom drawers, stainless finishes, and kits so you can put wood fronts on to match your cabinetry.

You might even want to do some unusual inserts like chalk board panels, a hand painted masterpiece or colored panels. There is no end to the ideas and possibilities.
Below are some hand painted panel ideas and some very interesting wood designs that could certainly fool the eye into thinking they were a beautiful cabinet..

I didn't say ALL hand painted ideas were good but this might be fun in a dorm.

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