Friday, January 29, 2010

One Of My Favorite Artists, BARBARA WOODS

I have always loved the themes and the fun colors in the art of Barbara Woods. Luckily I have  a few pieces of her art in my limited collection. (Not originals I am sad to say).  I thought you might like to see a few pictures from her collection.  These first ones are retired prints now created onto pillows.  I think these would be a really fun addition to a bedroom. They are currently on sale on her online store.  I got an email. Here is what it said.

"In addition to the framed art sale - Barbara is also putting her Artistry on Pillows on sale! Regular price is $59.95 - mention this email and you can choose as many pillows as you want for $29.95 each! The pillows can be seen here:"

Taken from an oil pastel done as a whimsical and fun piece, this image sold out as a print many years ago. Priscilla's ringlets, floppy hat and big red flower remain delightful.

More of her retired prints on pillows.

You can purchase art from Barbara Woods online.

Many of these are the only ones available as the editions have been sold out.

Below are some of the ones I have in my own collection.

This is the one I want next.


  1. Hi Suzanne, as you are an admirer of Barbara Wood and a collector of her pieces. I have a question for you that I have not been able to get a response for frome her gallery website. I have a print 312/450 of "Pricilla" and that is how it is spelled in Wood's hand in front of her signature. I have no idea of it's value nor the title of another which I bought at the same time as a pair - same era, same ringlets but different lady with long black glove and smaller hat. Any ideas about any of this? Respond if you have time to Thank you

  2. It has been a while since I purchased her art. I have to think if I went through a gallery. I may have. You might try a google search for galleries with her work. I am surprised tht you got no response from her website. I don't know how the values are on her LDT editions. I don't know that I recall the one you are talking about either with the gloved lady. I am just no help today. Sorry.

  3. I found a location & phone number for the gallery

    Barbara Wood Gallery & Frame Shop
    and now... Academy of Art!

    6090 Southard Trace
    Cumming, Georgia 30040
    770.205.9221 770.205.9221


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