Saturday, January 23, 2010

Designers Can Now Create Their OWN Fabric Designs in Small Runs

Check this out.  There is a company, (DIY Textiles) that lets you send in your own fabric designs that can then be printed onto a variety of different types of cloth. It is done by digital printing.  Previously designers who wanted custom fabric of their own design had to commit to bolts of the pattern and a very large price tag. That made it somewhat prohibitive for smaller companys to have an "exclusive" but now you can do small runs.  Think of the possibilities. Custom pillows or chairs, bedding, whatever you could think up in your very own design.   I would like to see a sample of some of their prints.  I think I will contact them..
Read all about it

Another company that does the same thing. Fabric on Demand  Fabrics as low as $17.00 yd.

Karma Kraft is another company that has a special niche. They use high quality reactive Dystar dyes for printing on fabrics constructed with natural fibers. Reactive dyes are known for their deep rich colors, great colorfastness and the final product has great hand and drape. The reactive dye process is much more time consuming than printing with textle pigments. Using reactive dyes allows the color to actually penetrate into the fiber as opposed to just laying on the surface of the fabric as with textile pigments.

Dystar reactive dyes are environmentally safe. They meet Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requirements for organic cotton printing.  They can print as little as one yard & you can upload alost anything you can create in your computer from photos to crazy art designs.

You can even make your own fashion designs


  1. I know a couple people who have had their own designs printed...but not by either of these companies. Here's a review for Spoonflower if you're interested.

  2. Thanks to High Desert Diva for the link to a review of Spoonflower. I thought it was very informative. I think it would be worth trying out a couple of companies who do this to see which one comes the closest to colr etc that you are looking for in a custom print. I think I will do that soon.


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