Friday, January 22, 2010

New Construction Mexican Style

My Favorite Mexican Hacienda

I really love this home that is currently under construction in Pescadaro Mexico just 8 miles south of Todo Santos well known for its galleries & artists. I love the special architectural details that I never see done in our area of the world. (Oregon). By Mexican standards it is not so unusual though. Some of the architecture is pretty typical for nice Mexican homes.

I just love some of the details that this type of home has.  The curved brick ceiling insets are done completely by hand. I wish I had been there when they were doing it.  I can't imagine how they keep the bricks from falling into themselves as they build them. This kitchen hood is awaiting hand painted mexican tiles. The palapa ceilings are made from  thousands of local palm fronds & fastened to the support beams with hide on hair leather strapping.  It really looks great, especially from the inside.  It is covered with a thick netting to keep it contained.  A recent heavy rain tested this roof system & it did not leak a drop. Amazing. Since the windows are not yet installed there have been some friendly visitors.  A bird took up residence in the palapa ceiling & happy little geckos can be heard chirpping at night. (They eat bugs so they are ok)

The interior is all plaster & is being hand finished with a venetian plaster. It takes 3 hand applied coats and lots of burnishing to get the final finish.  Hard work and very time consuming but it is so beautiful.

Outside there is a great pizza oven that will be used for all kinds of slow cooking as well as Dana's famous Friday night home made pizza.

The whole house is being finished "gringo style" using solid wood cabintry & hand made door & window systems.  My son Jason, the builder & designer of this home is hard at work as we speak getting the doors & windows ready to be installed.  He and his family have been working on this home as they had time for the last four years and it looks like they might be coming close to a move-in.  They have built me a lovely "Grama Suite" which I am anxiously awaiting.  I will post further progress pictures as I get them.

The final night before I left on this last visit  we inaugerated the home with the official "First Dinner".  We made a table out of plywood & saw horses & sat in the "dining area" to watch the sunset on Ceritos beach & the hills.  It was a lovely evening.

If you would like your own little home in the Cabo area I know a really great builder!


  1. I'm a Grammie now, is your suite available for wayward Gramma's south of the border?


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