Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Staging

What is Home Staging?
Home staging is the professional arranging of furnishings & accessories to present your home in a way that is most attractive to visitors or potential buyers. Staging may include painting suggestions, furnishing rearrangement, decluttering, repair suggestions, carpet or flooring changes as well as accessorizing.
Exterior staging is also very important because your buyers 1st impression is what will determine if the will even come inside to see you home.

Who should be using home staging services?

• Home Builders who provide model homes.
• Realtors who value the need for staging to help sell their listings.
• Homeowners who want to be ready when that buyer comes along.

Are you trying to sell your home in this "down" market?

This is for SERIOUS sellers only.
Home Staging is not typical interior design and is not something just anyone can do successfully. While we all do some "staging" when putting our house on the market, successful staging performed by an expert greatly increases your homes' chances of being shown & considered.

Buying a house is largely an emotional decision because people are not just purchasing a home; they are buying a dream ... a lifestyle. Your home needs to reflect that dream to a buyer. ARE YOU READY?

Everything you can do to reflect that vision of someone’s “dream home” is a step in the right direction.

Check in next week for my posting on What to do before listing your home.

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