Friday, June 26, 2009

Fabulous & Beautiful Natural Materials

I really enjoy looking at beautiful & unusual uses of natural materials. I can't take credit for any of these fabulous photos but I think they are all beautiful in their own special ways. I am saving these pictures to incorporate some aspect of the idea into future design projects that I may have. I thought you might like to see some of them too.
The photo with the Marquetry Inlaid Wood Veneer is opulent…and not badly priced. Maya Romanoff has made a speciality of using unusual materials to make exotic wall coverings. The Marquetry Veneer uses micro-thin pieces of Pawlonia wood on a paper backing. The pattern is laser cut and then hand inlaid using traditional marquetry techniques. Available in 21-yard rolls, it is so flexible you can even wrap it around columns.
You can find this at

The last two are way over the top, (Banq*) but there are elements of this design that could be used to create something far more simple, (room divider -- ceiling treatment??) or something else I haven't thought of yet. It is so unusual that I have to keep it in my photo collection.

*Banq is a new restraunt in the old Penny Savings Bank (1375 Washington Street, Boston, MA) at the base of the old banking hall, designed by Office dA. The walls and ceilings were decorated using wave element made from unique pieces of three-quarter-inch birch plywood adhered together in a scenario that likens to a puzzle; only one possible location for each unit, formulating the continuous member.


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