Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Art Projects by Suzanne

I have been having fun learning to paint.  I have been experimenting with lots of different ideas so thought I would share a few.  I hope to take some lessons sometime soon so this SHOULD get better. :>)

This was my very first painting I ever did. "Orcas"

"Mountains, Rivers & Snow".  It was a fun but time consuming piece.  Lots of taping off.

"Palm Trees at the Beach"

Experimenting with "Drips"

"Leaves on the Forest Floor"


My fat cat "Muffin"

Experimenting with "Drips & Swirls"

Tissue Paper Garden

Crows I and II

Water color pencils

"Ice & Snow I"
Number II coming soon.

Water colors & ink

"Horses in a Storm"

Horses version II

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