Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tableux Faux Iron for my current project.

"Faux Iron" panels are being used in my current project in Bend OR.

We want to create some interest in shelves in the living room that need some pazazz.
Watch for photos of the completed project.

What is Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron?

Tableaux® faux wrought iron standard substrate (TableauxST) is composed of 100% post-industrial recycled and reclaimed wood fiber and formaldehyde-free resin and weighs 10% of conventional wrought iron or cast iron. Ideal for interior decorative applications sucha as window treatment, ceiling medallions, wall art, and many other.

Tableaux® decorative iron designs are also available in additional application specific treated materials.

TableauxEX for Exterior use when high humidity and rainy outdoor conditions demand a water, rot and termite resistant material. Ideal for outside application such as windows inserts, decorative iron brackets, decorative iron accents, patio lattices, etc.

TableauxFR, a Fire Retardant material with no added formaldehyde meets Class 1 (A) standards in commercial applications. Used decorative ironwork applications in hotels, hospitals, cruiseships, etc.

TableauxIG, a feather light closed cell polyurethane material engineered and tested to be used as Insulated Glass inserts without fogging. Ideal for retrofiting existing doors so to allow the exclusive look of a wrought iron door at a fraction of the cost of "real" wrought iron doors. Note that TableauxIG requires further work by a third party for its assembly into a sealed insulated glass (IG) unit.

Would Tableaux Faux Iron be a good choice for your next project?


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