Thursday, July 17, 2014

Casita Progress

Lots has happened since I posted last. This casa is nearing completion.  Photos will show progress
If you are interested in building in southern Baja give me a call.

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 All concrete is being made on site in small mixers

 Rebar being hand formed for the supports

 Blocks coming to build the house

  great room
 front patio rock wall
 wood supports that will hold the forms for the roof
 Some progress
 Round window at my desk area

 19 laborers hand lifted all the concrete by buckets to our the complete roof in one day

Progress on roof 
 Waiting to become a dome
 Dome or cupola

 first level of bricks in dome going in.
 dome just getting started
 Loved watching this dome grow.
 Dome is growing by 3 brick heights a day
 Forming the stair way
 Steps to roof top just poured
 Love this design
 Outside of dome before concrete and palido finish
 Stairs going to roof top
 Kitchen island in the shop
 Hmmm. What color?
 waiting for floors and plaster
 dome nearing completion
 Wall plaster going on
 Floor finish
 Trimming my round window
 Smoothing the concrete floor finish
 Wood pattern that will create the concrete rim for dome
 Getting ready for concrete rim
 Plaster rim being hand formed for dome.
 Waiting for cabinetry
 roof top studio & guest room

 concrete floors
 Aqua concrete floors are waxed and look like swirling water
 My kitchen chopping block getting its stain
 Special finishes done with fabric dye to get colors I wanted
 Niche in stairs going up to roof top deck & studio

 Exterior of dome waiting for paint finish
 Front patio
 Guest bathroom Aqua ceilings & papaya walls
 Special stains for some of the cabinetry
Used fabric dye to achieve these colors
 Feature wall in all white bedroom
 Primer going on before paint
 Front patio ; steps being poured
 First coats of venetian plaster in entry 
 Exterior painting
 Exterior painting
 interior painting
 Working on the paint
Venetian plaster

first window put in

Continue to check in for the latest progress.

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