Friday, August 6, 2010

Ode to my PT & welcome to my new "fun" car.

I purchased my trusty little PT Cruiser way back in 2001. It was the new "fun" car back then.  I had one of the first ones in the state &; I really loved it.  It has given me such great service all these years.  I have crammed many a sample book  into the flip down cargo area, & I have carried long drapery rods & shades putting down all the seats including the front passenger seat & sticking the rods & boxes out the window.  I have carried grandkids & groceries & even furniture in my trusty little car.  It was a great little work horse. (I hear this is the last year of production for this little cutie). I guess the only people buying them now are the little grannies. Alas, all good things finally need replaced.  I put 139,000 miles on her &; it is time to go.
Farewell my little PT.

I have just purchased my next "fun" car.  I have looked and looked some more &; I keep coming back to the fun of a Jeep Wrangler Sahara.  I really liked the look of the 2 door but unfortunantly, with all the "stuff" I have to carry I went with the 4 door.  I know it isn't quite as "cute" as the 2 door but tell that to my grandkids when I can't take them all at the same time because I wanted "cute".  Anyway, I think it will be fun to take the top off & go cruising. (And it does hold a lot of cargo).  So if you see a crazy woman speeding up a mountain or cruising town, take a look.  It might be me.

Doesn't this look "exciting"!

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