Monday, December 14, 2009

A table from wood over 1200 years old!!

Can you imagine! Owning a table made from a single piece of wood that is over 1200 years old.
I found this company online. Beautiful carvings, totems & tables.

Sweetwood Creations Inc. is a company derived from one man’s passion for wood carving, nature and art. James Andison is a carver and sculptor who has been creating wood sculptures for well over a decade. He uses his artistic talents to create totem poles, vertical art, sculptures, masks, tables, doors and mantles. He also offers all forms of architectural carving; such as corbels, finials, arches, or any structural log or timber frame components, from one of nature’s greatest gifts… wood

I have a project coming up that needs a very large table so I inquired about the ones I saw online.  Here was the answer.

 The first table is a big one! Approx. 10 ft. long by 7ft. wide tapering to 5.5 ft, and approx. 6 " thick. $15,000.00 CA. It can seat 10 people easily. All three table tops are one piece. No joinery. They came from a massive tree that was 8ft by 8 ft. in diameter. Almost impossible to find these days and I'm in the business of knowing. This tree was so big I had to have two 966 loaders to load it onto the flat bed and then I had it shipped over 1500 km's to two separate mills that could cut it. To give you an example: this tree was growing before Louise and Clarks first voyage across the America's to the west coast. I lost count after 1200 years on the growth rings. So in short. These are rare collectables these days for the wood buffs and they will appreciate in value as this type of wood is rare or better yet protected species. The next two tables are both in the works right now. The second being the "raindrop" table which will be out fitted with illuminated glass , where the holes are and will have a forged metal fabricate tree trunk holding the table up. This table will not be for sale until June or July and will be featured in many magazines and will retail in the neighborhood of $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 CA. The third table was a table I loaned to Baldface Lodge - a heli-cat ski lodge here in the Kootenays. It has Rainbow trout swimming around it and I am planning to refinish it. It- like the other two is a solid slab and is $ 15,000.00 OBO.

Thought you might like to see them.

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