Thursday, September 24, 2009

Redmond's New Design Center/Devine Color

I had the best time this week. I got to go see Redmond Oregon's new Design Center. It is really a great concept. There are many room settings where a person can view everything from beautiful kitchen tiles & designs, bath rooms & bedrooms to garden room ideas. I saw some very nice "faux" wall finishes, interesting concrete floor finishes & counter tops, unusual contemporary lighting & some really great fireplace inserts. One of the fireplaces had a totally unique bamboo theme. Before it was turned on for me I thought it was some sort of bamboo art installation inset into glass like a an aquarium. I was really delighted when it was turned on & it was actually a functioning gas fireplace. There were lots of interesting color combinations, furnishings, rugs, art & lots of ideas for home owners and their designers to come see. In fact the center was so nice that I think I will be joining as one of the exhibitors.

The part I enjoyed the most on this trip was the great discourse given by Gretchen Schauffler. In case you don't know her, she is the woman behind Devine Color. I have used Devine paints since her company got started some years back & it was fun to hear her speak again. She is very passionate about her theory on color selections. As many years as I have been in the Design business I have to say that some of her ideas on color selection got me to thinking about how I have selected color for clients over the years. She had some interesting things to say & it is always exciting to get a new perspective. I purchased her book "Devine Color, When Color Sings" and sat down to read it in one sitting. I then went to her web site & blog & had a regular "designer learning day". I came away with added knowledge to help my clients and that is always a good thing.

Here is just a small quote from Gretchen. "I say this will all due respect for all the other medium, smaller, and lesser colors—carpet, fabrics, counter tops and flooring—that have to share space with the most immense color: Paint! Paint color is the biggest and most important color in a room and it has the power to change EVERYTHING."

Your paint color really IS important if you are to bring out the best in your home with it's many woods, furnishings & carpets etc. Let me share what I know with you. Together we can create your own personal vision of home.

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